It’s The Sequel!

Only with less bull-shit, money-making dressed up in liberalism!

Alas the joy of the dust having been blown from my blog is short-lived on realising that my entries are still, mostly missing as they were super-imposed on photos. Sucks to be me. Given the effort involved in linking everything back up? I suspect my blog to be fully ‘reclaimed’ sometime by the end of the year?
Maybe Santa will ram it down my chimney for Christmas?
…and maybe Santa can fix me up a chimney? A house? Unlimited amounts of cheese?

I’ve not been the best this year and we’re already nearthe half-way line.
All I’m expecting this year is a bitch slap off the beardyman and perhaps a kick-in-the-nuts from a deer?

Just now, like, right now? I’d appreciate an early gift, a lovely sit-down at work, June, and they tell me I’ve passed my probation.
Um? And if they do that, a fat-ass cheque too ’cause if you’re giving me the nod then I’ve busted my ass over the next few months!
‘Busted my ass.’ Why is it fair that to start my week I have to content with getting spit-roasted on the ride in? Seriously?
With a cock up my ass and a rucksack in the face there I am, ‘It’s really going to be a good week. No doubt.’ J-Live telling me it’s an acronym.
But! But! I’m smelling of salted coconut  as I ride the stuffed sardine can each morn’. So tasty I want to eat myself!
But without having a rib removed or losing my spine.

(No animals were hurt during the typing of this entry)
(A cat was ignored but he’s being a belligerent bastard today hence he’s brought it on himself)


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May 15, 2018

For the photos, please send a couple examples to Support through the link at the bottom of the page so they can check into it – they have been able to fix some linked photos so they work again, it depends on the provider and format of the link.

May 17, 2018

hey stranger!! glad to see you back 😉