Is becoming a Baker in my future???

I don’t update as much as I should but I always think that I should sit down and put my thoughts down and never get a chance because I should be doing something else instead…

I LOVE to bake and lately I have been looking up different recipes to try and just go outside of the box. I make everything from scratch now and I feel better and more accomplished that way. I have a page on Facebook and Instagram and I am slowly building up my audience on both of those places (mostly focused on Facebook right now) I woke up on October 5th to a message from someone that works for the Chamber Of Commerce in the town that I live in and she asked me if I would be interested in joining. Of course there is a fee for this but they help promote your business. Naturally I was very excited about this because it just seems like such a big deal for a small town girl like me. It makes me feel important. I decided to do it and they had a board meeting on Wednesday and everything went through. This could be a big thing for me and I am SO excited but also extremely nervous as I am just starting out and coming up with new cupcake ideas to make. Eventually I would like to branch out and make something other than cupcakes but I figure they would be a good start for me and especially making them from scratch. I baked and sold stuff at a Bazaar and thing went over well. I think I had 10-15  six packs of cupcakes and all but one sold. I didn’t quite count them before I sold them and I wished I would have. They turned out pretty cute though. I wish I had somewhere that I could sell my cupcakes already so I can start making money and saving up for something of my own, I wish there was a business that would allow me to do that but I also work full time too and love my jobs so I don’t know how much I could produce.

I had prayed before getting that message from the Chamber member, asking that if this is what I should be doing to show me and I felt like this was God showing me that it is what I should be doing. I have been looking at food trucks/trailers even ice houses to purchase to just SELL cupcakes out of. I would bake at home and then sell them out of the trailer and just post where I will be located. I still question if this is what I should be doing and I DEFINATELY question if I am good enough but I think time will tell I guess… for now I am going to continue to bake and get feedback from friends around me.

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October 25, 2020

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