Updating After A Year

I haven’t been on here for a while. I’ve thought about it but never actually sat down and took the time. I don’t even know where to begin because it’s been over a year since I’ve been on.

I’ve taken a break from baking. I got overwhelmed doing it all on my own and needed a break. I don’t remember the last time I did something. I think I am just going to use up the containers that I have and bow out. I want to use up what I have and try to take any extra money I make and save it to pay things off (if I even do well enough) I guess I would have to setup at events and stuff because that’s the only way I will be able to make some decent money.

I’ve taken a break from Facebook. It’s been probably at least a month since I have been on there. I found that it was really making me unhappy so I just took a break. I don’t really miss it except when I want to look something up and then remember I am taking a break. My daughter has shown me a couple of things from it but I haven’t clicked on the app myself. I’ll probably go on after Easter and see what I missed and then take a break again. I don’t even have the app on my home screen which has helped a lot.

My sister in law is openly using drugs and doesn’t care if we know. We held some of her clothes at our house while she was homeless and she took a couple of showers here but we don’t talk to her and haven’t heard from her since we gave her the rest of her things. She got an apartment around Christmas. I don’t know how long she will have it but I don’t want to help her again. I feel like we would be enabling her as as much as I want to Love Like Jesus I don’t know that I want to help her again and have her take advantage like that. She has an abusive boyfriend who has put her in jail at least a handful of times. They are just toxic for eachother but I think she stays because she can get drugs and she doesn’t want to be alone. I no longer hold the anger I used to have for her and feel sorry for her. I hope I never have to experience the life she is living. She is making some really bad choices.

Lately we have talked about moving away from where we live. It would be nice to just start over and live somewhere warmer. I don’t feel comfortable saying where we would go but it would be nice for my husband to live closer to his best friend and for our daughter to make new friends. She’s having friend issues now where we live and we know that those won’t go away but maybe she can just start over where no one knows her. I think about moving just about every day. I think about some of the things I can start doing to prepare us and started packing up things that we don’t really use just to make things look more organized and nicer in our house.

I’ve been going through Spiritual Warfare lately. I started to feel like I was getting better and then saw something and it got even worse. I feel like I have been trying to claw and climb my way back. It’s nothing too awful, I still believe in God it’s just that the enemy has been messing with me. So I have been dealing with that and trying to uplift our daughter even though I am struggling. Who’s gonna help me and take care of me and get me back on track? I joined an app where I can talk to people and it’s helped a little. I’ve bee listening to podcasts and reading books also and taking notes. I just wish I could get back to where I was.

My husband is getting laid off AGAIN. I feel like it’s every other year and it gets old. I tried to lower some of the bills we had and get rid of un-necessary things. This really sucks though and really messes us up when tax time comes around. I hope that when he is off my husband can fix what he needs to around the house. It was only supposed to be till September but now there is talk until November!!! Another reason why I just want to move, have him find a job where this doesn’t happen so often. It sucks though because he has been with this company for a long time. On the bright side our daughter is going to try and get a job this summer. That should help because when she wants things at the store she can just get them herself. We told her that she is going to have to save money from her paychecks also even if it’s $20.

We aren’t traveling anywhere this year for vacation and it SUCKS!!! I like going places because I love seeing new things and I have always wanted to travel and loved to travel since I was a child. Our daughter loves it too. Next year she wants to go to Italy for her birthday instead of having a party. She’s hitting another milestone birthday but not sure if we can afford it so we will have to see what happens.

Also within the last year I’ve gotten to meet a couple of famous people who came to our town so that was cool 🙂

Anyways that’s it for now…

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April 7, 2022

Stay the course, God cares. I care. Write and do it often. 🙂