Life and Goals

Well as of Friday April 29th I made my last car payment. It felt EXTREMELY nice to have that all paid off. We got it paid off a few months early, I wish it was paid off sooner than we got it but that’s alright at least it’s done now. Now we have to work on paying off some credit stuff and then another vehicle and then I would like to start working on saving up because for #1 our daughter would like to travel for her sweet 16 and it would be very nice to bring her somewhere. (She didn’t want a party) and also it would be nice to have a savings account again and start working on fixing out house up to sell it. It’s not a lot of large horrible things (fingers crossed it stays that way) but just some small updates right now that I can think of and if for some reason we can’t move well then at least it will look nice for us. Then pretty soon I will have to get another vehicle because our daughter will take over the one I have now cause she will hopefully get her license next year when she turns 16 and THEN if we move my husband wants to sell his truck and get a jeep so there’s that too…

It would be nice to move and start over though. To just start over where no one knows us and start fresh. Our daughter has been having some issues with some friends of hers and I know if we move she will still have those issues but it would be nice to go somewhere fresh and new where no one knows us and we can start with a clean slate. Especially because one of the girls she is having problems with is the toxic girl that lives next door to us and that she’s known since she was 2 and a half/3 years old. She’s been kind of stealing another one of her close friends away from her and made a HUGE issue about the fact that my daughter decided to become friends with another girl she was friends with then they had a fight and didn’t talk for 7 months and now they are friends again and so far so good (it’s only been 5 days though) but the toxic girl next door has an issue with it because she doesn’t like the other girl cause she was fighting with her the same time my daughter was.

My husband’s layoff starts on Saturday morning and will go till November. I am a little nervous about it but I also hope he gets done what he wants to around the house as far as fixing things up. I have started throwing things away slowly so that we don’t get charged too much crazy extra for it and especially since he will be laid off.  I have been working on some painting stuff right now on the inside and I will have to do some organizing too. I took the week of our daughters birthday off and maybe we can get a bunch of stuff done together.

Anyways it’s nice to have goals and I hope we can start working towards a lot of things and get done what we want to and whatever happens and where ever we end up is what God intended.

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