My Day,

What a day I had this day like no other like I ever had in a while. Let me tell you about the day Sunday 21, of November 2017. I rise from bed like any other morning and headed to the bathroom and then went down stairs to say hi to my husband and little dog Sprout. I proceeded to go into the kickhen and have my regular large cup of coffee I have each morning with cream. And I proceeded to go back into the living room and sit beside my husband and drink my coffee.  One look at me and he asked are you ok? And I ask him way? and he said your color looks terrible. I said back to him you know I have been having some chest pain and short of breath for the last couple of days but this morning the pain in my chest is really bad. I also have been having really bad fatigued all month long. So off to the hospital I went and will tell you more about that later.

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