My Hero my Dad

I lost my Dad sudden from a massive heart attack when I was 15. Its been a thorn in my side the last 49 years that I never got to say good by or to say I love you one last time. I was very close to my Dad and have so many memories of things we did and talked about with each other. My Dad taught me so much about life in my 15 years he was alive. Some of those times were with his actions and not saying a thing. He was very well loved and helped a lot of people in his lifetime. He loved his wife and family till his last breath. Life for me has never been the same without him in it. He was loving,humble,compassionate, he cared for all people and loved all people. He fought for his country and cared about the issues of his time and how he could and be more involved and change things for the better. When someone needed a helping hand he was right there to help in anyway he could. Thank you Dad for the life lessons the love the memories and the heart of a hero my hero my Dad ❤️ Happy Fathers Day

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June 21, 2019

What a wonderful tribute to your dad!  🙂