Day off today – Yay!

Today is my only day off from work this week.  I was approved for 8 hours of overtime, so I get to work an extra day.  :).  I like to try to plan something to do that is active, but I am aware that the stupid virus is placing a lot of restrictions on going out and socializing.  I need to go shopping for new clothes because almost nothing I own fits me.  However, I also know that this paycheck pays for a lot of my bills, and I should not be spending money.  My strategy, when I am working with a tight budget, is to buy one outfit at a time or one clothing category at a time. So one paycheck I will do undergarments, and then with another paycheck, I will do casual.

I also like to plan a big hike.  I’m thinking of going somewhere outside of the state of NJ.  Pennsylvania, maybe?  New York?  An hour’s drive away does not annoy me.  I very much want to take some pictures.

I’m also planning on getting my first tattoo.  So maybe I’ll go get a consultation?  Idk…  all I know is that I want to utilize this day off in the best way possible and not stay home and groan about not being able to eat the way that I want to.



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