I have had a busy few days. It has been good on the most part. I have felt so fatigued for so so long and I finally feel I have some energy back! I am sure it is down to actually getting out of the house and doing things.

On Saturday it was my (ex) mother in law’s birthday. She turned 64. We went swimming, which we do every Saturday anyway. I made a roast beef dinner and a chocolate cake which was really nice and she brought a bottle of lemon gin over. Then we watched a film (The power of the Dog – rubbish) while drinking gin. Then we went to a local pub and met up with 2 of her friends. We had more gin and danced and have a good night. I think it was just the tonic I needed. I haven’t done anything like that for ages – I really need to get a social life. I felt great on Sunday – really upbeat.

Then yesterday, I worked and then we went swimming again. We went to the cinema to see The Nan Movie (weird). Again it was so nice to get out of the house. Since the whole covid pandemic thing I feel my life has been in such a rut. I need to get out there again and start living. It makes such a difference to my frame of mind. I need more fun in my life – for sure!

The only thing getting me a bit down is money. I have enough and I am grateful for what I do have but all this cost of living increases, especially the energy hikesĀ  – stresses me out!

Anyway – onwards and upwards.

I think I might post some of my poems in the next few posts so they are recorded somewhere.

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