Jar of Hearts

Oh well my intention to write in this diary every day is going well…….not!

I dunno – I have just felt so exhausted recently. I had Covid in early February and ever since then I have been exhausted all the time. I have always been such a night owl, rarely going to sleep before midnight. Since having Covid I find myself falling asleep in front of the tv at like 8 or 9pm. It is unheard of and I am fed up of it, truth be told. It didn’t help that I had some kind of norovirus over the last 10 or so days. i am back to normal now but it was awful. I have never felt so ill in my life. I am so done with being ill, I just want my energy back. Also I have run out of coffee which again doesn’t help – I have some being delivered tomorrow – hooray!

It was Mother’s day yesterday which was nice. I made a biscoff cheesecake which was epic. Lauren gave me a jar of origami hearts which she made. Each heart has a positive message on it which is really nice of her. She spent ages making it. She is such a wonderful daughter – so thoughtful. The boys both wished me a happy mothers day and promised to make me a coffee…..when it is delivered! haha. I went over to mums which was nice. She appreciated her gifts and the time we spent with her. She has parkinson’s dementia which makes her extremely hard to deal with. I love her so much but I feel like I have already lost her.

Not much else to report at the moment. Liam is still struggling with school and anxiety – I will do a separate post about it when I have the energy. I am just a bit down in general. I am just weary you know? I need some fun in my life. Hey ho. Onwards and upwards. Sorry for the miserable post!



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March 28, 2022

I am glad you over came Covid.  I only hope you get stronger and recover well. Take it easy, don’t worry too much about being tired.  Xoxo