Or Saturdog if you are of that persuasion. ^^

Image result for cats eating grass

I love this kitty’s eyes. So beautiful.. sort of matches the grass non? After doing my computer maintenance I came out to see Bees (whom I call Colleen my bb sister) and promptly fell asleep until just now … around lunchtime. We had cold cuts sammies (with hot banana peppers on mine!!) and salad. 😀

I was just so tired… my clonazipam knocks me out. 😯

It’s snowing even more out. They say that it will stop… but… I think not.


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December 14, 2019

This type is awesome…thanks so much

The picture is cute…..

@jaythesmartone I like Courier too. 🙂 Very typewriter like.

December 14, 2019

I am a cat person and I love it’s eyes too

@kaliko I used to have a kitty named Malibu. She was a tortie… and she had plenty of ‘tude.


December 14, 2019

I’m both a Caturday and Saturdog person :). Although right now, my Saturdays are only Caturdays… I don’t have a dog :(.

I love that cat’s eyes :).

@justamillennial We are the opposites. We have 2 dogs. Oliver the golden retriever pup and Eddy the schnoodle.