Paid account….

I am going to get my sister to get me a paid account. I will explain to her that it is el cheapo. 😀 She won’t mind. I just got to get her when she gets up at her own pace bc she is sick right now. She has pneumonia. 😐 I’m sure she will say yes. 

Hanukkah is coming up soon so that can be my gift. ^^

In other news, I think I might have struck gold with the Libre sensor. It’s on my tummy now. It won’t fall off so much as it did on my arms. I have type 2 diabetes… and this is a great system. If you are diabetic, do you use the Freestyle Libre sensor? Where do you put it?

I g2g to bed… I’m exhausted.

Good night!


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December 14, 2019

What’s a Libre sensor?

@wildrose_2 It’s to test my blood sugars w/o pricking my fingers.


December 14, 2019

Random reader here….was wondering if you can do the print bigger? Like size 18 is great for me as I am getting older, and maybe a little darker color?

And hope you have a happy Hanukkah.  I will be back if you accept me as a new friend and a new reader…..

@jaythesmartone Hey Jay, thank you. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you. 😀 Will make the text bigger.

December 14, 2019


Oh you are a sweetheart…This getting old really sucks the big one….

@jaythesmartone I know. I’m 45. :/

December 14, 2019


I could be your big sister…..LOL  I have a brother who needs to be traded…You think your parents would mind for the switch?

@jaythesmartone X3 I think that I would like to keep Wendy and Julianne. :3 I have two brothers of my own LOLOLOL

December 14, 2019

My sister uses the Libre. She gets so aggravated because it will fall off on day 10 or so and they aren’t cheap, so she wants them to last the entire 14 days. I’m going to tell her about trying it on her tummy!

@jezzybelle I totally recommend the tum tum… it works better there than the arms bc I tend to bang about into shit with my arms.