I was given my mother’s flame.

The desire to defend, protect, and serve honourably, no matter what cause or consequence involved. Being a fighter is embedded in my nature without me even having to try. I just close my eyes and trust that everything will fall apart, but then back into place again.

I have been stuck in this void.

You wouldn’t know this because I am just a type for you.

Every single emotion felt with you,

Has now been erased.

You’ve always known how strong my storm is

But you chose to move with my tides.

I thought that this time,

You wanted the real me.

But you are just a boy

A heavy head from your ego trip

An apartment with littered memories of plastic smiles

A failing relationship with yourself

A twisted sense of purpose

An artistic gatekeeper

With a cold heart.

I am not your muse

I am a fucking human being.




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