Health Stress *Second Update*

*Sigh* – after 10 long weeks of struggles, I’m happy to report that my post-partum issues have finally come to a halt.  PRAISE.  BE.

The pelvic ultrasound came back all clear, with the exception of some additional fluid still lingering around there.  Could have been a clot, part of the placenta, etc – but nonetheless, enough to cause issues.  My doctor (new OB/GYN who I now LOVE) prescribed me meds to help my body ultimately rid of it.  And happy to say I believe it worked. <3 I am so, so, so relieved.  That was just such an annoying stressor.  And now I feel – free?  In a sense.  Haha.

Also, I get my stitches out for my skin cancer (or cancerous mole, rather) tomorrow.  Then, I *should* be able to start being more active, working out, taking a full on shower… being myself again.

Now, just need to get Tarin his surgery (August 1st) and we’re home free… at least for now.  Health issues will likely pop up especially as we get older+ have kids, lol.  But for now – we can rest in peace a bit.

Also – can we talk about our life coming up in the next few months?!

  • I go back to work from maternity leave on June 27th – it’s a trip to NYC of course
  • Close on our new house on July 15th
  • I go to Vegas for another work trip July 19 – 21
  • Get the keys to our house July 22nd
  • Tarin surgery August 1st
  • Mitchell’s sister’s wedding August 20th

Lawd, help us.  Mitchell’s sister is getting married in home state (makes sense) – but super inconveniently in the middle of nowhere.  I know it’s her wedding and we’ll obviously be there, Tarin is a ring bearer… but omg.  They’re a little bit on the hippy side so I’m not surprised, it’s just going to be a LOT of travel for a 2 year old and a 4 month old.  So wish us luck.

Thankful for our health and happiness, even though parenting can be tough during some moments.

Much love,



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