getting there

hello everyone!

I’ve been doing a little good since my last entry but the big challenge is tomorrow,because i have to force my self to go to the library and stay there to study which mean i have to wake up a little bit early,I really hope i succed doing it.

I know that draging myself will be the hardest part but I’m gonna feel really good after it,I know that,plus I’m not gonna need to study when I’m gonna come back home,I’m only gonna read something i actually like,I will be more organised and i will be far away from distractions like TV,internet.

i really want to get the best of this week and take advantage of this holiday.


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December 29, 2013

you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)) hey are you on facebook, dear?? if so i want to be friends with you there. let me know if you are and i’ll give you my link to add me there, inshaAllah…….

December 31, 2013

i just sent you a friend request on FB :)) from Anh-My

January 1, 2014

I remember trying to find the motivation to study… Sometimes its just not there… all you have to remember is that your future/money is on the line and that usually worked for me!! Best of luck in all your future studies and endeavors.