Starting Solids

My little bean is 6 months and I’m finally starting the solids journey. I had no idea that transitioning to solids was going to be so hard. The high chair, the bibs, the feeding utensils… there are so many!  I should have been preparing for solids all of month 5 but I wasn’t aware that I needed to. There are so many different methods to feeding a baby. As I started looking into first foods for baby I was completely overwhelmed. I was so happy to reconnect with one of my old professors that happens to be a speech-language pathologist and pediatric feeding specialist. I found her on FB and I’m so relieved. I hate going down the rabbit hole of google when it comes to my baby, and the doctor just gave me a little brochure and that was it,  so getting advice from experts or people I already know and trust is such a life savor.  I’ve decided to try baby led weaning. It’s a bit scary because I’m not going to be giving my baby as much pureed food, but in the long run I’m hoping my daughter is an independent and happy eater. My goal is to expose her to so many textures and flavors that by the time she is 1 years old she basically eat whatever I’m eating and I won’t need to make her some generic “kid” food. I’m doing a program that introduces 100 foods by 12 months. I pray this goes well.

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August 30, 2021

What a great thing to get expert advice.  You will know early on if you have a picky eater on your hand.  Sometimes it is all about the texture.  Seeing you eat similar things will be a motivator.  😎

September 3, 2021

@tracker2020 I really hope she is not a picky eater. I heard that breastfed babies are usually better eaters, so I hope it’s true.

September 3, 2021

@theheartspeaks   It was true for me.  Both of mine were breastfed and both ate just about anything except a few things like broccoli.  They also weighed 8 1/2 and 9 pounds.  Back in the day they let you go over your due date for as long as it took to go into labor naturally.  Have a great weekend.  Hold her tight.  This time will go so fast!  😎