A Day To Live

A day to live. To feel the same taste of the morning coffee, to wear flexible clothes and a sport bra. To digest last unsuccessful relationship where  I poured my  words to burry all uncomfortable situations and disrespect.

To feel and check upon my kids. To hear some voices outside the window. To see the funeral on tv. To plan to change, to plan to commit to the changes. Thoughts go quickly as a fast train through my  mind and a weird persona is waving me, sitting in that train and throwing black roses.

” Win this day” is a credo, a label I am pointing to everyone, but i always lose it. My ex dating man realised it and decided its not for him.

Grey British beaches are calling for me. To take myself, a foreigner,  there with my book about how to change myself and stony beach will stare at me. Will send me waves and damp fishy smell to judge my past and  my present.

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