Feeding the deer

Life is good! I might go back to late night watching of Nope! which I have looked forward to in my own Ladies’ Scary Movie Night curated event each October.  Especially as tonight my movie-critic son has gone to his night shift work and my husband who says he does not care about these movies has gone to sleep.

Daughter is bringing her two oldest here tomorrow (leaving son-in-law, youngest-grandson, and two fairly new rescue monster dogs, plus one old dog, plus one cat no-one-cares-about at home).

We are taking our just-turned-8-year-old grandson and his big sister (one year older whom we took to her first opera last year) to his first opera at the Houston Grand Opera this Sunday.  Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro.  Last year granddaughter also got introduced to opera by Mozart’s Magic Flute.

Texas Hill Country House is all but finisished.  We are pretending it is.

I think I may put Nope on hold, and get some sleep.  Monday is a scheduled day off for Hubby. So, what we have scheduled is “trying on our clothes to see what we fit in for our next trip” and then, if we have time, a game of Terraforming Mars.

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January 13, 2023

where is this?  how does this work?  trail cam to watch?  So sweet!