Hell yes…

Hello. I am feeling good tonight. Nothing on my mind except … nothing??? I have the Partridge Family theme in my head… I feel like I’m high as a kite  . I suppose the naysayers will say “Oh! She is manic now!” Well, fuck you too. I’m allowed to be happy as is everyone else non???

I realise that there is all sorts of shit going on in the world today, but for lil ol’ me? Right as rain! Maybe it’s the weather, rainy days always energise me. Or whatever. I’m a happy camper.

We are having banana pancakes this weekend bc Mom is on! :D:D:D 

Please do me a fav? Can you try out this e-mail service? And this website builder too? Thankee!!! 😀

See u in the AM.


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January 25, 2024

I love when I in a happy manic mood. I could sing at the top of my lungs a ns just spread joy and happiness. Enjoy your happy times

January 26, 2024

@thespiritwithinme Me too! 😀

January 26, 2024

Nothing wrong with being in an unexplainable happy mood. Maybe even brightens the rest of our days?

January 26, 2024

@ravdiablo Amen. 🙂