I Can’t Work Out How To Edit My Profile!

So I’ll put a description here!

I’m absolutely OBSESSED with cats and books! Two of the greatest things ever invented!

Hubby and I have literally hundreds of books between us! Crammed onto various bookshelves, the Welsh dresser, even on the end seat of the settee and on the coffee table! We have no TV by choice in our household but make up for it with books!

I collect bookmarks and have bought some absolute beauties from various places over the years and in a few days time I’ll be buying others!

I live with my beloved hubby who is 62, our gorgeous tabby cat, Wopsie who we rescued from the streets in November 2022, we think she’ll be 4 in November, and 5 coldwater fish, Nosher, Jaws and Fangs, Wibbly and Wobbly! Nosher and Jaws by name and by nature! They’re usually first at the front of the tank in the morning for breakfast!


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