Thank You, Mr. Builder!

A few days ago I ordered something off Amazon.

It’s small enough to push through a letterbox.

Amazon emailed me saying they’ll deliver it within 24 hours.

I asked them to deliver it to our business address which is also our personal home as we live in the attic flat above our business. We have no other address for parcels to be delivered too.

I then, after, got another email saying my parcel had been delivered to the address I’d given them…but it wasn’t!

The parcel had indeed been delivered but the delivery person had dropped it in the letterbox of the couple next door, which is a personal address. The name of our business is quite distinct, not regular such as ”Rosemary Cottage” or anything, judging by our place name the delivery person couldn’t have got mixed up and our place name is on the front door and a large sign above!

We regularly get their mail and they regularly get our parcels from various companies!

I wouldn’t have minded so much with this particular parcel but it’s medical and I needed it quite soon!

He’s a builder and works up to 18 hours a day and told us they’re off on holiday for 2 weeks … this was before I ordered the parcel…

so when I thought my medical thingie was going to be in their box for 14 days I panicked slightly but last night he managed to catch my hubby and handed it over to him, just before the holiday!



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