I can’t wait for the end of school

So work has been interesting to say the least. Since the last time I wrote thatthere has a been a female 3rd grade student who has put her hands on the teacher on 3 different occasions because the teacher told her she was going to call her mom because she has been doing NOTHING work related. NOTHING has been done with her. She has not been suspended once for putting her hands on staff. I just don’t understand it. Then we still have a 5th grader who acts like a 2 year old when he doesn’t get his way. It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens next year. I’m just done with this year. It needs to hurry up and be over with. We have school until June 3rd. Oh and get this last Thursday I had my evaluation that part wasn’t so bad. I got a decent evaluation. The bad part came after when me and the dean lady were talking. She asked if maybe I could use a break from the room from time to time so I was like ok I’m willing to try it. Monday rolls around and the dean emails my teacher and asks what parts of the day she doesn’t necessarily need me. I was like wait a minute why is she trying to make a schedule when we discussed it I said from time to time not every day. Oh and supposedly I sometimes trigger the kids like the little 3rd grader who tried to choke the teacher she talked disrespectfully to me telling me to shut up talking to her, leave her alone, shut my mouth. So she had the nerve to come ask me for one of MY coloring sheets that I brought with my own money. I told her since she has been disrespectful to me I don’t want to let her color one of my sheets until she could treat me better. Is that wrong?  I purchased them with my own money and I gave them to other students who treat me respectfully. Well anyway back to the break issue. So they have basically turned me into a building para which is a para who helps out all over the building that’s not my job title. My job title is instructional para which is supposed to mean I’m in the self-contained room to help exclusively in there so confused on how I became a building para. So yea that’s been my last few weeks. I’m ready to be done with this year.

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