new year

I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe and healthy new year. This year was my 40th birthday and it honestly kinda sucked. I had planned to have a bowling birthday party and a lot of people said they were coming but surprise surprise nobody showed up except my family and a few of my son’s friends after they worked a 10 hour work day. One of my son’s other friends from his earlier childhood days came over and gave me a gift so that was cool and we got to catch up and I finally got to go visit my brother. We were supposed to go Thanksgiving week but he got COVID. I think next year for my birthday me and my husband are just going to go out of town but I don’t know where to go yet. One of my teacher friends sent me a royal carribean ad lol.  So tomorrow we are supposed to be getting a student that is possibly violent so that should be very interesting. I did reach out to a higher up in our SPED department about the issue of us getting multiple kids that have behavior issues or should be placed differently. I told him about how we are getting pulled to go do building para duties and supposedly building paras aren’t allowed to cover for us so why should we have to cover for them. I also wrote about the para getting a 45 minute lunch and 45 minute break even though according to our para contract we are only allowed a 30 minute lunch and 2 15 minute breaks and also how we have not been trained on assistive talking devices that 2 of our students have. So we will see what happens. I’m hoping something gets changed. Christmas wasn’t too exciting either but I was trying to make others happy but it still sucked that no one got me anything.

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