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Ok so let me try to explain this whole situation. I work in a self contained class with kids who have developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, and possibly like autism. I’m a classroom para which means I help ALL of the students in our class when they need it. We have a second para in our room because of a lot of behaviors which we should not have in our room but we do. A classroom para is expected to go to specials with the students and sometimes lunch and recess. The other para was in my situation like last year. Last year we only had 1 self contained class so I was put in the other self contained class which already had a class para. There wasn’t really a use for me in there since there was very little behaviors so I was moved into a building para position which I have been a building para in the past and switched to being a self contained para so I wouldn’t have to go all over the building and just be in one place. So I truly know how she feels and I was seriously considering going to a different school and doing a different para position because I don’t understand why if I am self contained para I would be used as a building para. Like we have our own issues in self contained. So we got new schedules that are effective as of monday. My schedule I’m in our class all day. The other para’s schedule is she’s covering the para in the other room’s lunch and she’s upset about that because we don’t have the other para covering our lunch time and the teacher was never talked to about schdeduling breaks and lunches and I’m so confused on why she wasn’t talked to about it. So the other para is very upset about it and I don’t blame her and with a new student that is coming that has violent tendencies the teacher does not feel comfortable being left alone because when a para is out I have been being used as a building para as well. It’s very frustrating because our district is hurting for paras and teachers and then you get awesome people who bust their ass while others don’t do their job but yet nothing happens to the ones who don’t do their job except that the ones who do their job and beyond have to pick up the slack for the others. The other para is thinking of transferring and I can’t say I blame her one bit. I will definitely hate for her to leave but I understand her frustration and want her to be happy and not have to deal with the bullshit and stress. It’s just so sad that the ultimate ones who suffer are the kids we are supposed to be helping. Adults are playing these petty games and who does it hurt the kids we are supposed to be helping.  It makes me so sad but so mad at the same time. We have to do better. I’ll update on Monday.

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December 9, 2022


December 10, 2022

so sad this how school district run, i would make note of these things, when you do leave future make them aware of mess they create. I have autism I witness lot chaos in self contain classes, structure was mess. I am thankful for my college experience, resources were organized unlimited.

December 12, 2022

@deesundoodle  i agree.