School is about to start

So our first day of school is this coming Thursday. I have mixed emotions about everything. As of right now I’m going to be going back to the same school because the other principal never got back to me but I did apply for another library para position with a librarian I worked with so fingers crossed. It’s going to be a part time position though and sounds like it’s only going to be 16 hours a week and only like 3 days a week but that doesn’t sound too bad and I’ll be doing library stuff I like to do. I’m going to be in a SCCC room but just don’t know which one. I’m hoping that it is with the teacher I’ve known for quite a while because we work very well together and I heard that the other SCCC para isn’t coming back right away because of some health issues so I’m not sure who will be in the other room. The other room has a brand new teacher coming in and I’m very worried it’s going to be the Ms. Johnson issue all over again. The only good thing is we have a brand new principal too so hopefully if there is issues they will be dealt with. If it’s not I’m transferring to another elementary school in a PLUS room until I can get a library position. The autistic kindergartner is going to a different school so that’s good and the one I had last year is going to a charter school but I don’t think he will be there for long with all his issues because I heard charter schools don’t play around so we will see. I’m hoping the best for him but if no one is getting him help for his anger and depression issues I don’t think anything is going to change regardless of where he goes. I hope mom figures out stuff before he’s too far in a grade but too far behind. He really needs to be in a SCCC room but mom was against it. Some parents anger me with some of their choices like they don’t understand how much damage they do to their kids when they try to deny that there is a issue. I embraced that my child has a disability instead of trying to hide it but I also told him he needed to try to control himself too especially when he ran out of meds and I told him just because you are out of meds does not give you a excuse to act a fool in school. I just wish I would have known about IEP and 504 plans when he first was diagnosed because I feel like we could have given him more help especially with math and organization. So I will try to update on Thursday if I’m not exhausted. The good thing is we get the following Monday off for Labor day so that’s nice. Our bowling league started last week and we were gonna have a lesbian couple we knew be on a team with us but then one of their moms has to have surgery and they had to take care of her when that happens but the president of the league said she found a couple so hopefully it goes well. We don’t go back to bowl until the 17th. We had a guy last year but he showed for the first time and then we never saw him again so hopefully we don’t scare off these guys.

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