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Last week I can’t remember which day I got pulled from my room to go sub. btw we found out that the other para doesn’t have to sub which is total BS. So anyway they put me in 2nd grade with a boy with autism and my old friend that I had last year. My friend from last year I just had to help him in the room, help open his breakfast items and make sure he was taking small bites. The other fellow I was supposed to make sure he wasn’t climbing on tables or shelves or running out of the room. My old  friend I had to take to the bathroom and recess and lunch as well so I was like well how am I supposed to take both to the bathroom, recess and lunch. The teacher told me I could just leave the autistic one with her for bathroom break. For recess they both got to come outside but I was told usually you had to have an admin out to get him back inside and my friend was a fall risk so I was with him obviously. So when it came close to time for them to go in I thankfully was given a radio and radioed in that I needed assistance getting the autistic one off the playground. Someone came out and got him and I don’t know where they went because I was trying to get my friend to come down from the playground and get in his wheelchair so he could go eat lunch. He finally came down. In between bathroom and recess I was in the room trying to keep monkey boy off of desks and shelves. It was not fun. At one point he started having a meltdown because I took his juice container away from him because he was literally slinging juice everywhere. He then proceeded to try to bite,hit and kick me which I was not having so I put him in a CPI hold for a few so he would calm down. The teacher was like you don’t have to put him in a hold and I told her I’m not getting hit, kicked and bit. I was not hurting him. I just put him in it to calm him down. I had stopped in my room to tell my teacher about my horrible day and she suggested pressure points to help calm which did kinda work for a little bit. Then in the afternoon I was stuck with a little kinder who doesn’t understand english or at least isn’t supposed but I kind of wonder because he has a sly smile he does sometimes when you say something to him. So I had to take him outside for recess which he did well but it was the lunch part that was the issue because he wanted to budge everyone and I told him he couldn’t do that so he sat on the floor and threw one of his shoes off. I told him to go get it and put it on. He did but then tried to budge again. Did the same thing. I was like oh boy this is not going to go well. He next threw his carton of milk thankfully not opened yet. Finally we got through the lunch line and he sat down to eat. I can’t remember what happened I think I tried to move his talker back and he had a meltdown and then took off running on me. I already knew where he was headed because he likes to run on the para in the morning. So I found him where I thought I would told him in a stern voice to go back to the lunchroom but instead of turning when he got near the lunchroom he just kept going so I was like great what am I supposed to do because I didn’t have a radio. I saw the family liasion lady and asked her and she said to go to the office and let them know. The office was not very far so I went in and told the secretaries and thankfully the principal was in his office and asked me which way he had went I pointed and he headed that direction. I started going back towards the lunchroom and saw that another staff had caught our friend. Then we were in the room and he wouldn’t sit on his spot . The first time the teacher picked him and put him back on his dot so the 2nd and 3rd times I picked him up and put him on his dot. He took off his shoes and socks as some kind of protest. I was like whatever works for you.  Thankfully after that I got put with a girl in 3rd grade who is autistic but I’ve been with her a few times before so it was super easy and then it was time to go. I wrote to the principal and the resource teacher and told them both I can’t do runners. I was in so much pain that day I was almost in tears. I’m very tempted to put in a accommodation so I don’t have to sub either. Then my teacher was trying to see if the other SCCC teacher would be willing to let the other para named Mrs. Navaro come in our room like they flip flop some days because some days we need 2 paras in our room for behaviors and supposedly the other teacher who I have known for like 5 years now said that’s her problem meaning my teacher but all they have been using Mrs. Navarro for in their room is to go with a student to specials and recess/lunch beause he’s socially awkward and they are afraid he might get in a fight with someone from the GEN ed room. They make her do everything and the other para doesn’t do much from what Mrs. Navarro has told me. Me and the other para don’t get along because she was trying to be in my business. It’s like mind your own. I’m a little upset to keep being pulled for building para issues when I’m  not a building para and we have enough behaviors in our own room to deal with. I’ve said this to the principal and he just said thanks for being a team player. He’s a good principal thought but it’s still frustrating. Today was great. We literally only had 4 students in our room and I was worried that they were going to try to get me to go take their student since Mrs. Navarro wasn’t here today. Thankfully they didn’t. Our 2 worst behaved kids decided to stay home today and I’m not complaining. `It felt nice being able to get through a lesson without disruptions like whistling, talking or walking out of the room. I didn’t have to deal with any fights in gym because of someone touching or saying something to someone. Hoping this week goes better. We will have to see. I gotta take a pic of our new room to show you guys what it looks like.

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October 12, 2022

I don’t know what “budge” means in this context, but seriously, I do NOT envy you your job!

October 12, 2022

the little boy kept trying to go ahead of the whole line instead of standing in his spot.