sorry i didn’t update

So we were able to move into a different room which was interesting. We still haven’t heard anything about the sub issue. Yesterday was a hot mess. The one who was itching would not be quiet yesterday and it was bothering the other kids. We had to call BIS for him in the morning because he was taking other students chromebooks and not giving them back. Then in the afternoon it was free for all. We got to go into the new room but we had the itchy friend and another kid having issues. We let the one kid go out in the pod and he was touching the computer that was out there, wandering in other rooms and just not doing what he was supposed to. They were taking turns being obnoxious so we had to call BIS again. Hopefully today is better. I’ll try to take a pic of our old room and a pic of the new one. I love the new room though but we will see how it goes. We are hopeful.

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October 6, 2022

What is BIS?

October 10, 2022

behavior intervention specialist