Starting Over

Let’s see where should I start. I work for state government oh joy lol. I shouldn’t complain I make ok money. I am also a Massage therapist i graduated in March of this year and have been trying to get myself back together I will get back to that I a little while. I am single, I will get back with that in a minute. I am the tomboyish type very cute with a nice shape and a very funny person. I don’t have any family involvement. My father stay in oregon and My mother stays in Mississippi. My grandmother was in my life not she isn’t so I am alone. i try to pay my bills and everything on time but sometimes money won’t allow me. I stay with a male roomate a man that i have know for about 3 years. I sleep on the couch due to the fact that there is a spare bedroom but ther is a whole the size of my head in the ceiling that he is refusing to get fixed the asshole. some people have worse so i don’t really complain. I have about a year and half left on my car so I am really proud of myself. My relationships are really screwed up and i havent been commited to someone in a long time.  I will end this for now. this will be a place that I will be able to vent. if this has errors please excuse me. the spell check isn’t working.

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