Weird !!!!

I refound this site after 5 years it’s the weirdest thing to me I was 28 when I did my last entry and in turmoil about to move soon hopefully back into my own and dealing with a lot of bs from my family not doing it anymore past the next 3 months I know I will be in my place by then. 

I am single again was in a relationship with a 23 year old for about 5 months officially and then one day he decided to send me a email saying that he doesn’t think that he should be in a relationship right now of couse about 2 weeks later he sends me a message saying that he made a mistake how dumb did he think i was so you just wanna chill do what ever you want to whoever you want and then try to come back to me when you are finished doesn’t work like that bro i don’t back track they only good thing I got out of the relationship was my job his aunt told me to talk with the manager at her job because they were hiring I got myself the job with my past skills at cash handling she came into my job about 2 weeks ago and didn’t even speak no telling what he told her was the reason that we broke up I really could care less just stay out of my face with that noise you like to talk im 2 damn years older then her anyway.

So I have just been working and saving for about 6 months now trying to get the hell out of my granny house tired of stupid ass rules and not living my own life im 33 years when is it my time I don’t have any children and should be enjoying my life even if just for a few moments of it I don’t want it to pass me by then it’s like can’t get that back but everyone in my family had the time of there lives but want to treat me like crap when I want to live mine don’t do any recreational drugs, I drink, don’t smoke no kids and don’t go anywhere so who am i hurting not anyone so stay the fuck off my back I have to deal with customers and management watching me all damn day at work I don’t need it at home I am done now with my rant for the day 

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January 20, 2012

I agree with you.. If the relationship didn’t work the first time, what makes him think it will work out the second time around. He was probably feeling.. Well, you, know and wanted to hook up with you for that reason and that reason only. Good for you for saying no! I don’t like people that do that to others. Saw your diary on the front page 🙂