The big news is that Diane and I have booked a 7-day Caribbean cruise for February.  Instead of just going to Florida we decided to take a cruise out of there. We’re traveling on Holland America, The Oosterdam. This is a first for both of us and we’re really looking forward to it.

I have always resisted taking a cruise because I viewed them as too sedentary for me. I’m not that into food which is a big draw for some.  I have no interest in gambling and I know that’s another draw for others.  But 7-days is really pretty short. There are 4 stops with excursions to choose from. There is a spa I’ll visit – maybe take a yoga class. Some cruises offer behind the scenes tours. I would really enjoy seeing the power plant and infrastructure.  I think I’ll find enough to do and I will also plan for lots of relaxation time. Diane travels at a slower pace than I do so I anticipate this will be perfect for her.

We’re heading down 2 days early and will stay with my cousin, Judi. She is 16 miles from the Fort Lauderdale airport. She had line up quite an itinerary for our visit. I might have to slow her down a bit so we can keep up.

We have had 8 inches of snow this past 2 days. I went out with the Rhino and made some tracks. Then I got out my backcountry skis and went for a tour around the property. One snowmobile had been by on the VAST trail and had gotten off the trail onto our property. He went all over the place before he finally found his way back to the trail. It made nice tracks for me to ski in!



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January 11, 2019

I haven’t been much of a cruiser either.  But one trip on a smaller boat turned out to be really nice ( The Paul Gaugin).  Hope you have a good time.