A long period of dull days ahead

Tomorrow i will have covid vaccine, 1st dose, Pfizer. Left arm started to feel the pain since yesterday, for anticipation? I don’t know.

Home is still the same – husband does not fare much better. Kid still does online learning at home. I’m struggling with my research, in fact, i haven’t been able to do much. I think it is my procrastination kicks in. Literature? I have thought i will write so much, read so much once the semester ends, now i don’t bother reading anything, and not write at all… Sigh…

Us? I feel a long period of dull days waiting ahead, at least for me. No response, no interaction, one way communication like this. Don’t know, maybe forever. Someday i will not have enough perseverance to keep this diary going, i know. Let it be, one day at a time. At least, hopefully now you are peaceful and happy. I should feel glad for you.


This is my half an hour waiting in the morning before i have my second lot of meds and breakfast, and get out of the house. I write this on my phone. I think of you, as the first thoughts of the day, as usual.


When thinking ahead, I even think of asking you for some money (gift) to keep my feelings a bit longer. But… how long can it last? I don’t know. And will never know…

A long period of dull days ahead, but hey, i should celebrate that at least i can see you now. You can’t see me, but you can still see my literature page (i will try to update it more often). You can still read our official Group Page. You can see my alternate account, under my name also, you may try to block it altogether when you see it, who knows, or i may block you again, because i want the privilege and flexibility of a person taking that action. 🙂 that account you have never seen it before, as i blocked you since its inception, like a place for me to hide from you. But i don’t write much there. I may change the avatar so it does not look like my account, but finally, is it worthwhile? It is still my secondary account and most entries are friends-only.


And i know you will need to be silent for a very long time. Learn to be patient, will we. Or, can I? Dunno…


Take care!

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