I’m a little drunk

I should be writing my book right now. I have a lot of thoughts but I haven’t been able to sit them down and put them on paper. Instead, I’ve been the perfect housewife. Listen, I am somehow an amazing cook, yet I hate cooking. Every meal I make tastes better than the ones I’ve had at restaurants. Husband says it’s because I’m a very patient person. I take my time and make sure put my all into every meal. Even when he’s on his special diet and I don’t have the right ingredients, I still take time to make sure what I’m making him tastes great. I can go months without cooking though. Or at least making simple meals to not have deal with it. But lately I’ve been doing it all. I’ve been taking care of BabyBoy and keeping him on his schedule (naptimes, playtimes, mealtimes, feedings, etc.) and cleaning the entire house until it’s spotless, and cooking meals for Husband.

It’s not that i don’t want to do all of this. I love being a housewife. It’s a lot of work but it’s fulfilling, and it’s not stressful in least. Not like law school. Not like being a lawyer. But I still have this passion. I still feel like I could help so many people. I still picture myself in a courtroom. But then again, I don’t want a job. Especially not that job. Not in and out of the jails. Not getting death threats.

I can’t imagine myself working. I can’t imagine myself being away from BabyBoy. But then again the beginning of every  month when it’s time to pay the bills the stress starts. Obviously we would benefit from being a two income family. I found a house I love but it’s not even close to our budget. None of the homes are. We will rent forever… Or until I can make some money somehow.

One day I’ll have this whole thing figured out. For now, it’s time to put BabyBoy to sleep.

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March 8, 2023

I’m so glad that you’re blooming where you’re planted.  It’s a real skill and says a lot about you.  Being a wife and mother is the most fulfilling job in this world.  More power to ya!