I’ve never been so happy

I’m typing this on my phone because BabyBoy is asleep on my lap.

Earlier today I was sitting between my sleeping husband and my sleeping baby and I just kept thinking about how happy I am. I love everything about my life right now.

Today was busy. I don’t know how you working mamas do it. I cleaned the house, did the laundry, and cooked. And in between i breastfed, pumped, washed bottles and pump parts, changed and bathed BabyBoy, played with BabyBoy, and put BabyBoy down for 3 naps (this is the third). I wanted to go grocery shopping but I decided it can wait. Husband has dinner ready, and breakfast and lunch packed for work tomorrow.

and I loved every minute of today, every second of it. This is exactly how I want to spend 2023.

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January 3, 2023

That is so fabulous I have tears welling in my eyes!!! This bonding time with him will make a huge difference in his development. Babies need that love and sitting on your lap. I rocked my son constantly to soothe him because he could get fussy. To this day he loves sitting in a rocker. Bought one for himself in his home.  😎

January 3, 2023

@tracker He gets so much bonding time with me and Husband. He loves to take naps on us and we found that letting him fall asleep on us and then later transferring to his bed helps build his trust, so now in the middle of the night I can put him in his bed and he won’t cry

January 3, 2023

@vulnerableme Excellent. Have you thought of doing a YouTube channel as a new mom and coming up with content there where you could get paid for advertising as so many do?


January 4, 2023

@tracker I don’t think I’d like watching myself on Youtube, and also I don’t want to deal with negative comments. People have lots of opinions, and get mad if you disagree.