Getting the Internets tomorrow! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sister is regretting her money management abilities. *smh* I am so excited. This is totally what I want to spend my dough on. Instead of buying stuff that could adversely affect my blood glucose (Er-Bear and Colleen and Outi agree.. God love them! <3), I am going to get the Internet. That is a better choice. Coll should take a leaf from my book and learn! I try not to borrow money bc if you don’t pay it back, it builds up and up and snowballs into a giant mess.


Anyways, I am going to finish my d/ls and go home and tomorrow I shall see you after lunch!

Au revoir (for the time being)


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July 31, 2018

Yay for getting the Internet. Much better choice than getting something that could adversely effect your blood sugar.

@justamillennial Exactly my friend! 😀