Snapchat and the learning curves of owning a bloody tablet….

My username is: sammixkitten. Woo! Anyways, I gave my computer to my sister… his name is Devon… bc she can’t handle Reta (my tablet)… Kiss is on the radio and it is f-ing driving me nuts! Earworm of the highest degree!! DX

Kerry is coming in July 11th-18th. Colly will see her when that weekend. <3

Grease is now on…. is the 70’s week thing? Oy.


Yes, I think Grease is the 80’s…. it’s the bloody heat, the tablet and whatnot. *le sigh*

BUT, I, Coll and Barbara are getting pizza and das ist gut. 🙂 Pizza is ALWAYS good. 😀

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July 3, 2018

I have heard horrible stories about tablets…Thus the reason I have a laptop…..

@jaythesmartone My tablet is ok. I have a laptop too. And a 3DS and a Vita… <– tech girl supreme lol