Masks — My Interpretation

Masks… hiding reflections perhaps of sorrowful soul that weeps

Silence that is overloud permeated with the echoing of those who mourn

Weakening of the mind on it’s many twists and turns

Watching as innocence takes flight beyond the reach of arms that would gather

Gathering the strength with whispered voices that show no mercy

Relentless pursuit of unbidden fantasies that linger tauntingly

Light headed in motions that unrelentingly grip tight

Holding on to the fury that rages in its confused state

Unacquainted with suffering with the weight that falls

Tumbling in its descent towards dark, cold abyss.. dismal and dank

Promises that are broken yet still we believe.. clinging to the supple glimmer

Prevailing winds of lost riches in the knowledge of days long since past

Lying motionless in the hopes to be caught with properties of no defense

To Strike at a command knowing there is purpose of this night

Urgency heard in words uttered softly.. leading.. guiding.. the savior to be

Sinking deeper yet seeing gentle glow of effervescent light.. no more no less

No Angel to be with spiritual understanding under the guise of a thought

Shaking of foundation that holds steady and remains firm

Keep sake of memories of a past that never goes away… remembering

A poison.. a thorn in the side.. a picture that’s perfect subject tonight

Not needing anybody..nor the weight of words to come crashing through

Preference in the dark to fall into the faith that’s known to be real

Savior saves with arms held open wide.. warmth which caresses

Cresting seas in tumultuous ride that seems to go on forever

Slowing down to control yet unable to fathom the power

Next ridge ridden and taken… gentle glowing orb of light

Taking all within it’s grasp.. not forsaken… but guided…

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