Grump *EDIT*

Today is payday, so I got up early to head over to Stockton.  I had a list of things I wanted to get:

  • the second issue of the MST3K comic (the reason I was heading to Stockton, the only comic shop in Boro that does new releases doesn’t have it,
  • a new pair of shoes (my Army boots have finally given up the ghost)
  • cigarette papers and filters
  • a cheap watch (really don’t need an expensive one)
  • ingredients to make slow cooked sweet and sour chicken
  • see if I could get the new Stephen Fry book cheap

The comic shop didn’t have the comic, the only shoe shop where I could afford new shoes didn’t have the only pair I liked in my size, the Poundland there didn’t have the skins or the filters, I couldn’t find the watch I was planning to get and there’s no way I could afford the book from the one shop that actually had it.

I came home, 5 hours later with sore feet, issue 2 of the Stranger Things comic and the cooking ingredients.

I could have saved some time, gone into Boro town centre and got more done that I needed to.

I then decided to look for a book when I got back home.  It’s released (or possible re-released, it’s a mite fuzzy) over here today so i~ was going to see if I could get it online cheap.  Problem is, I can’t remember the fucking name of either book or author.  I know what the cover looks like, I know what the book is about, just none of the info I need to actually find the thing.

So, I’m in a mood.  I’m a grump.


*EDIT* found the book.  It’s A Different Drummer by William Melvin Kelley

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November 1, 2018

I often google long winded sentences and sometimes google finds what I am looking for…or you can call the book store you were at and ask them what it was you were looking for?

November 1, 2018

good I am glad you found it….