Lost in a riddle that Saturday night

So, Tubular Bells.  It was a fun gig.

I was wondering how it would work, considering that the album is only 40 odd minutes long.  The first part of the gig was stuff from Mike Oldfields other albums.  Both Ommadawns, Tubular Bells 2 and, of course, Moonlight Shadow, which is a song I like.  The second part was Tubular Bells in it’s entirety, which was magnificent.  It was a slightly different arrangement, but the changes were minimal.  The real star of the show was the stage crew member who was making sure that one of the guitarists had the right instrument at all times during the gig.

I have new reading glasses:

Now, I’m not sure if my eyesight has massively deteriorated in the past two years, or if my new optician is much better than the old ones, but these are a lot stronger than the ones I had before.  A lot stronger.

The Sci-Fi Weekend is coming up.  And the day I’m supposed to travel down for it is the day of a rail strike.  As the alternative is a 13 hour bus trip, I’m going down the day before and staying at a hotel called The Little Emily.  How could I resist?


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March 1, 2023

I’d love to see Tubular Bells performed myself. What a great experience!