Quote Comp – Q6 answer and Q7

Aaaaaaaaaaand it’s back!

After the access hassles of the last few weeks, it’s time for the Quote Comp!

Last question was:

“Yes, but being human doesn’t pay very well.”

First answer was supplied by Oribeth:
I wanna say it was in a ep of Doctor Who because I vaguely remember someone saying it to Rose..

Next to have a go was Peter_24601:
Trying to toss me another curve, eh? Not going to miss another here… Dr. Who.

And finally was Corbeau:
Ooh! OOh! I know this one! It’s from Doctor Who – the episode with the Jagrafess… what’s it called? The Long Game. 😀

It was indeed The Editor (played by Simon Pegg) in the Doctor Who episode The Long Game.

This weeks question:
“Half of writing history is hiding the truth”

Go for it.


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