Good evening y’all…

I haven’t used Font Space in awhile so, why not now??

Creamy Sugar Today I went to Coffee Latte which is basically a Canadian Dunkin… and so I had myself a veritable feast. 🙂 I had a couple of chicken wraps, pop, I didn’t have any Funky Vibes though…


I think tonight I will relax and watch some Drip October … yes, I enjoy relaxing with scary shit. They say that horror movies burns calories! There is a study on it. No lies!! So… lol watching these will burn fat! *gigglesnort*

I need a new hobby… obv right?? LMAO!!!!

But seriously, I had a great time out, and as always, tomorrow is… *dunh dunh dunh* Funny Holiday Golly I am such a Funny Kids… if that is a thing? (It is.)


Dang… I gotta use the Funny Rabbit..


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January 6, 2023


January 7, 2023

@darkmadonna Exactly! BTW Cathi please stay safe with the unusual weather in Cali.