Daddy Dearest…

Jan 6th – Which of your relatives do you know the least about?

My father. My birth mother (who I don’t get along with), totally whited him out of my life. I was only 3 months old when he saw me. It was because she was embarrassed that she had an affair with an older, married man with 2 older children of his own already. When I was born, my sister Marie was about 20 something, and my brother John was 10 or so… so a huge age gap… anyways, all I know about him, thanks to Jeffy @heffay2, is that his mother Adeline was American, from the Bronx NYC, and was of almost purely Irish stock. I would like to know more of him, but alas he is dead. 🙁 But I can do a DNA test, to find out more. I intend on doing that sometimes next month.

In other news, I think if the price is right, I am getting a tattoo. This one. Needles don’t bug me.

Good morning my lovelies, what is up with you??

I tried fixing the 3ds cameras but barring opening it up and repairing it myself and quite possible destroying it in the process, I think that Julie can either a) have Chand or Jason look at it, or b) not use the camera at all. She has a shit ton of games on it anyhow.


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January 6, 2023

I guess I’d have to say my grandfather who passed away when I was around eight.  I just don’t know anything about where he came from or who he was.  I wish I did.

Cool tattoo…what is the meaning behind it?  I would like to get one too just not sure what or where I’d want it to be.

I’m just up early making me some coffee.  I just couldn’t get back to sleep and my back was hurting being in bed so I got up.  Nothing planned for today.

January 6, 2023

@happyathome Aww… it’s Cancer (the astrological sign) and Sagittarius my ascendant together. And I get up wayy too early… lol

January 6, 2023

My birth parents.  Some days I really wonder about my situation in Korea, other days it’s never a thought.

January 6, 2023

@strawberryjelly Dad is always on my mind. I miss him terribly. </3

January 6, 2023

What does the tattoo signify? Is it your first tattoo? Sometimes my husband and I think we are the last people we know who don’t have tattoos!

You have nerves of steel to take machines apart and tinker with them! Even if you’re unsuccesful, you are brave to tackle such issues. I admire that.

I too would like to take a DNA test sometday. While I know my heritage, the DNA kits also identify family traits that can be hidden as well as health conditions to watch for as one ages.

January 6, 2023

@darkmadonna LOL… it’s Cancer and Sagittarius together. TY. True.. very true.