Monster Healing

3 and a half months ago, I was scared, frustrated, angry. The stress with my husband. The fear of my daughter getting hurt or killed under his watch. The stress of not knowing how their day is going. Not knowing when she woke up, took her nap, what she had to eat in a day. How much sugar he gave her to shut her up. I’d dropped down to 97 lbs and couldn’t keep weight on even though I was eating as much as I eat now and I’m not at 105 lbs. My husband had to leave. It was too much. The alcohol, acting like he’s the boss even though he had nothing to show for.

I hated myself for having to call the cops like I did. I didn’t think I’d ever have to be that person but I was.

My daughter could barely talk 3 months ago. But I work with her closely. Yes, I had to leave my job which pissed me off but at least now I’m working with my daughter. Her pronunciation is improving, she’s starting to read a bit. She’s 3.

She’s doing phenomenal with everything. Taking care of herself, potty training, cleaning messes. Putting dishes in the sink. Filling the dishwasher. Putting away her toys. She’s doing great with her tablet. Learning alot.

Now that the snow is pretty well gone, I can take her outside to play. We go for walks. She still freaks out going into certain stores cause she thinks of her dad and it breaks my heart so see her hurting like that. Later on, she may hate me for getting rid of him but I have proof. I have ways to show her why he’s no longer in our life. Eventually, she will understand.

I only want what’s best for her.

She’s finally an official, certified Canadian!

I’ve got her paperwork done and she has her health insurance now!

Currently working on trying to get EI..then I have to do taxes..then I’ll check in on baby bonus, just to help us out a bit since I can’t work. I can’t afford a babysitter. I can’t afford daycare.

I need help.

I’m almost 34 and I live with my dad. It’s not all bad but I do need help. I’m burning through my savings fast and I’m gonna be pretty broke soon. I’m still able to put groceries in the fridge at the moment but I won’t be able to soon.

I just hope I can get back to work before it’s all gone.


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