Today is July 7, 2018.  Saturday.  Later afternoon.

On the deck, warm/cool/slight breeze.

A few minutes before the gnats come.


I see:

  • sunlight on the stout textured trunk of the younger walnut
  • breeze bringing all sorts of leaves to life
  • my prized begonia in perfect red/pink bloom
  • hints of red at the south end of the deck
  • back corner of the Nuick parked by the cellar door for groceries
  • weedy Keenan iris
  • faded red barn, blue roof, stalwart silo
  • walnuts growing to and through the sky
  • wild black raspberry briars along the deck rail
  • my ancient steel chairs and table


I hear:

  • miscellaneous bird song and cheeping
  • wings overhead
  • Gracie on the wrong side of the door, now giving up


I feel:

  • the metal of the chair
  • the gnats touch
  • the soft air
  • and inside/outside of my body


Things I know forever.



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July 7, 2018



July 7, 2018

sounds like heaven to me!

July 7, 2018

Beautifully written.  It’s nice to see you here again.

July 8, 2018

thanks for letting me see farm life through your eyes.  As for Gracie, I do not believe there has ever been a dog yet born who has ever been on the right side of a door.  Take Gracie and multiply her by 3 and you’ll have my life.  Door opening and closing is my full time job.

July 11, 2018