I have caught my spouse’s cold. Thank you. I feel like crap. This evening, my late son’s partner called my spouse and mentioned that my sister-in-law called her and said she and my daughter wanted some of my son’s ashes. Now keep in mind, my sister-in-law has never met my son’s partner and as far as I can remember, my son didn’t want to have anything to do with not only his father, but his father’s family as well. So I’m not sure what my sister-in-law is thinking. But in my mind why didn’t she ask me or my spouse, her brother? My husband and I decided to allow my son’s partner to take the ashes and scatter them in Nevada because that’s where our son lived and he liked it there. We decided not to hold any services, because it wasn’t something our son was ever interested in. However, we all know funerals are for the living, so if my sister-in-law wants to have some sort of ceremony/funeral or whatever, be my guest. I’m assuming since she didn’t have the common sense to ask me about my son’s ashes, she probably won’t invite me to her service either. The whole thing is strange to me. But, like I said earlier, I’m sick, so nothing sounds logical to me right now.

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November 10, 2022

Aw sorry about being ill. Strange things and behaviors come out. She should have asked you or your husband. Your son must have had those feelings about that side of the family for good reasons. If something develops okay but not been included would be a huge mistake on her part. I am just praying you aren’t sick for long. (hug)