From HERE ON out

Thoughts take control of your whole being until you are screaming on the inside, but no sound comes out. Holding it in makes it worse. The screams catch in your throat until you can’t breathe. Grasping for air, your eyes tell the story to everyone around you that you are suffocating, but the picture isn’t clear enough for them to reach out. As time passes, the black consumes the light, and you can’t see anything in front of your face. The colors blue and purple cover your body as the evidence of death is close. No breathing, blindness and fear assist the guidance through, and it somehow becomes easier to accept the loss. Wondering when it would happen fades into flashbacks of the memories you shared, and the emptiness deepens as you drift away into a world you won’t remember.


When you awake, motivation rushes through your veins like the one you would always look for came to you as a silhouette in your dreams explaining the joyful experience that death has been with a facial expression of its admirably appropriate to move forward. Acceptance is never simple, and I stand tall, equipped to battle the inconsistency that living commands. A light switched on inside me, directing me toward telling our story and assisting those ill-fated with impossible circumstances. The current generation represents violence and substance abuse which speaks to everything we stood against until it suppressed you entirely.


I cannot continue my journey knowing someone else could watch someone they love spiral into the bottom of the pit they dug so deep to get into, when they heard it would turn the build-up of pain into gold, as I did. When the rock bottom wasn’t so pleasing, and the future looked lightyears away, the hope they had would come out of their bleeding fingertips as they tried to claw their way back to the surface of reality. Dreams are made in heaven, what you looked for in life hid the devil in disguise.


A stance should be made, and I intend to fight this war until my dying breath while lending a helping hand to the innocent children pleading on the inside for a change of scenery because their parents are too high to notice. Achieving dreams starts with productive actions, and I motion for a brighter future, something our children can be proud of. I will always hold you close, and when life becomes complex, I’ll remember what you said. “Life will always fight back. The power to change rises from within when you show no fear, and in a moment of clarity, life reveals its weakness.”

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