Once A Year I Guess

Been a year this month apparently since my last entry haha.  I am still with the girl I mentioned in my last entry, her name is Betsy, however during that timeframe we did break up for about 7 months or so and I dated this other girl named Sam, that turned out to be nothing but infatuation and lust, a huge mistake on my part and luckily for me Betsy was willing to take me back, we’re now happy and going strong and I’m positive it will lead to more permanant circumstances.  🙂  I am taking her to London next summer, her favorite place on earth, coincidentally prolly the next time I’ll write in here :). 

Work wise…  working for a company called GARDA now, I drive an armored truck.  Its not the best job in the world but far from the worst, I actually somewhat enjoy it and it pays decently.  I’m still in the Army Reserves, 9 years now and counting…  Not in school still though, MGI Bill issues will be the death of me. 

Kentucky won the basketball championship this year, number 8!  haha  Eat that.  My Lakers fell short in the playoffs, but in the offseason so far they picked up Steve Nash which is probably their best pick up since Shaq and Kobe…  They haven’t had a good PG since Magic Johnson…  They will be in great shape this next season.  🙂

Looking forward to my 3rd year I believe now of Fantasy Football, those of you who haven’t tried it before, trust me you don’t know what you’re missing. 

Family is good, no real problems.  God is good, God is Great. 

God Bless,

til’ next time. 


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July 24, 2012

Fantasy Football Rocks! yah buddy. Have fun in London. I like London, for different reasons, you can read up on that if you’re interested, bahaha. 🙂 random notes. take care. ~♥~