Ok, it’s been over 2 years since I wrote anything on here haha, I just remembered it tonight and looked it up, did some research to remember my screenname and password and here I am.  My last entry talked about ,y break up with my now ex fiance.  Wow those were some hard times…  Well update, now I am dating a very nice girl, she is my age, huge plus, we’ve been together just over a year now, she is responsible, mature and nothing at all like what I typically would date… 🙂  But it’s refreshing, to finally have someone I can trust.  Not so sure though if I’m falling for her, I would love to find that feeling again with someone, especially when I think I’ve had it before, and I miss it, however I’m just not so sure it’ll come around again…  My girls name is Betsy, and she is great but honestly I just don’t know, kinda afraid I’ve become just used to my situation and comfortable with her, but if I’m not falling for her maybe I’m just wasting her time, and that sucks because she is an amazing young woman, whom I know I do not deserve.  I dunno. 

Working in security right now, again…  who knows how long this will last, but I’m just happy I’m out of retail, for the time being… 

Military has been screwing me over as usual, this time with my MGI Bill…  it was terminated back in 2004 and there was no reason, only issue is getting to the right personel to get it overturned and while I’m waiting I have school loans from my time at EKU and ITT just waiting and naturally the bank wants their money…  this sucks, very stressful time for me right now because if the military doesn’t start helping me soon I’m screwed royally and will never get back to school… 🙁 

Well I’m done, maybe I’ll write another entry in another 2 years 🙂


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Nice to hear from ya (: