Introverts and writing

I love writing. Personally, writing is something that makes me a sane person in this insane world of chaos. When I need to clear my mind, when my life is moving from bad to good, and when my feelings are getting the best of me, I turn to writing. Yup, that’s me…I never realized the beauty of writing until I turned 19.But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like writing or never did it. Nope, I used to write a lot even back then, I still have my small collection of old diaries from back when I was young when I used to imagine myself as Anne Frank. But I just hated being forced to write like they made us do in school. I am not the essay or scholar girly. I am just a girl who loves to write about emotions, deep-down thoughts and prayers, and most importantly, me. Writing was a way for me to dig myself out of the pothole of vulnerability and suffocation of not being able to talk well with people. My hate turned into love right after I was done with high school, and I realized one day that I missed the feeling of finding myself when writing. How amusing isn’t it how our brain works!! Our brains process everything we do, yet it’s crazy how much my brain prefers one method of communication over another.

Whether it was a good or bad day, I often wonder how individuals like us would have managed if we couldn’t record our thoughts and feelings on paper. I can see my brain exploding from all the crazy thoughts that I would have kept inside because I didn’t want to open up to a human…

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April 19, 2024

I love writing too. I adventure into all kinds of writing (I’m a Ph.D. so I do that academic writing that you abhor, lol). I also write poetry and wrote a novel that will soon be published. Yes, the reason that it works is that you going into your creative mind. Something I learned in my Leadership program is that 75% of humanity is stuck in the Reactive Mind (lower consciousness), and the first step to higher consciousness is the Creative Mind and expressing art. I recently looked back on how I turned my hate into poetry (art) and learned to love too. Keep up the writing.

April 19, 2024

@raphaeltiriel This means a lot to me… I was in a slump last year, but I resumed writing at the start of this year because I was restless and my mind was racing from not being able to delve deeply into my consciousness. So, yahh, I am going to keep up writing one way or the another, and I hope to see your writings in a bookshelf at the library soon in the future…💓

April 25, 2024

@yoursrose my books will be. I plan on starting with Amazon later this year. Read up on Carl Jung and individuation. He is a great guide for this.

April 26, 2024

@raphaeltiriel i will : )…

April 30, 2024

@yoursrose Awesome