Production process of continuous casting machine

The production process of continuous casting machine is to continuously pour high temperature steel into a water-cooled copper crystallizer or a group of water-cooled crystallizers, the steel gradually solidifies into a billet shell along the perimeter of the crystallizer, and the billet is pulled out by the pulling and straightening machine after the steel level rises to a certain height and the shell solidifies to a certain thickness, and the billet is completely solidified by water spray cooling in the secondary cooling zone, and is cut to a fixed size by the cutting device according to the steel rolling requirements. This process of making high temperature steel directly poured into the billet is called continuous casting. Its emergence has fundamentally changed a century of dominant ingot a out rolling processĀ and has been rapidly developed.

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November 26, 2021

Continuous casting machineĀ – old brand with guarantee -Yushun