The Bean Legacy 0.1 – For the Love of Food.

I created a sim called Ellis Bean…


I cannot remember if she is a family sim or a knowledge sim… but she likes good cooks and undies… that I know. Now… bear in mind that there is a premade sim called Julien Cooke. Who fortunately is a chef? I reckon? Wait…  yepp.


Here he is…


Julien joins the family… he is now a Bean. 🙂


They hit it off great. But, since Julien is getting long in the tooth, we had better get on with babymaking eh?


More coming…



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September 9, 2020

can hardly wait to see that baby….

@jaythesmartone Me too! Julien is nearing elderhood… I hope they have lots of babies before that happens.

December 17, 2020

Great couple. I actually oddly like his moustache.