Why God, why?? (click me!) This is really bad. I wonder if there is a fine one must pay if they disobey Dougie’s new rules??? I’ll bet it’s a hefty one if there was one, um… that the Tories for ya. Fat cats… all of them!! (Jo @jaythesmartone and esp. Todd @ihavenoarms know what I am talking about) Yeah.

What a start to the day… but! It will get better… bc I know my Aspire will be bought and delivered by my amazing baby bro Ryan. <3 Gotta love your siblings non? And sister Wendy returns today! So that’s good too. And Dave is helping me with my money, and Heather my CHO worker too. I feel loved and grateful.

Well.. what’s new with y’all?


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January 11, 2021

stay covid free my friend


January 11, 2021

whats this bout  saying im a  fat cat

@ihavenoarms Nooo… the Tories are. :(11